Accessories:Label Detection
Microscan MS860 raster bar code scanner
  • 300 -1200 decodes per second
  • 1" to 42" read range
  • IP65 enclosure
Microscan ms860 Microscan MS860

Microscan MS860 PDF

Microscan MS860 Video
Microscan MS820 linear bar code scanner
  • 350 - 1100 decodes per second
  • 1" to 30" read range
  • IP65 enclosure
  • 3 mil scan option
Microscan ms820 Microscan MS820

Microscan MS820 PDF

Microscan MS860 Video
Cognex Checker
  • All in one vision sensor
  • Built in lighting w/ variable distances
  • Check for the presence of a label
  • Check for missing code dates
Cognex Checker Cognex Checker

Cognex Checker PDF